Monday, November 26, 2012

When I stepped outside earlier to watch the moon rise I was startled to see a great horned owl swoop by. I sometimes hear them hooting in the pines during my pre-dawn walks on frosty mornings, but I never see them. I’m glad that such magnificent birds are tolerant of our intrusion into their habitat.

Seeing the mighty bird reminded me of Jane Yolen’s wonderful children’s book, Owl Moon - a favorite of my girls when they were young. The illustrations by John Schoenherr are striking, especially for his adroit use of negative space to render a twilight walk in the snow. He also produced cover art for early editions of this book.

I am extending my break from photography while I work on other projects, though I hope to get the camera out soon, lest cobwebs clog its diodes. I’m grateful for your patience while I attend to other duties. In the meantime, please enjoy these beautiful illustrations.  


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